We are proud to announce the results of our Year 10 Metric class 2020! They have all done brilliantly well and achieved scores within the First Division ( A* & A grades) out of 1100, with the highest score being achieved at 1010 by one of our girls! 

These girls have worked so so hard to achieve these amazing results despite the most testing conditions in their lives and homes- having no running water or electricity, no parents, no support from home, and often nowhere to study apart from within school. 

All donations for the College & University Fund will provide the following per month:

  • Registration Fee
  • Tuition Fee
  • Transport
  • Books and stationery
  • Food
  • Uniform
  • Shoes
  • Bag
  • Portable torch to study at home
  • Healthcare
  • Miscellaneous

Ideally, £75 per month will cover all of the above per student, but any consistent donation on a monthly basis will be gratefully received and utilised in the most economical way and matched with another sponsor to complete the total amount.

We operate a 100% donation policy. 

All projects are eligible for Sadaqah, Zakah and Lillah.

Recommended donation amount: £ per month

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How to Donate

You can donate directly to our bank account either in United Kingdom or Pakistan.

Payment can also be made via paypal.

Official bank details for Mushtaq Welfare Trust are:

United Kingdom

For International Transactions To Pakistani Banks

For Pakistan To Pakistan Banks Transactions

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