The Sewing Machine Project

Investment in woman and girls, is a proven path to reduce poverty.

This project will empower impoverished women to break out of poverty and slavery. This investment is the simplest and most effective method to help a woman earn a respectable living as seamstress, and support her family to rise out of poverty.

At MWT our aim is to improve the economic status of women and their families through business, skills, literacy, and education. The secret of training is to empower, restore and regenerate women and improve thier status.

How you can support this project:-

1.  Hand operated sewing machine                      £100

2.  Sewing machine with an electric motor            £125

3. Small electric sewing machine                          £200

4.  Industrial sewing machine which can hem,stitch,overlock and embroider  £300

Accessories       £25

cutting board


and other related items




Recommended donation amount: £

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How to Donate

You can donate directly to our bank account either in United Kingdom or Pakistan.

Payment can also be made via paypal.

Official bank details for Mushtaq Welfare Trust are:

United Kingdom

For International Transactions To Pakistani Banks

For Pakistan To Pakistan Banks Transactions

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