Construction began in May 2005 and was completed by March 2008. It was constructed from locally sourced material, including stone, marble and granite with iron frameworks and double tinted windows using local and UK based architects who created a bespoke plan and design suitable for our needs and surrounding environment.

The school comprises of 6 storeys.

  • The ground floor comprises of rented shops which help cover the basic expenses of the school
  • First and second floor are used for kitchen, assembly hall, classrooms and educational facilities
  • Third floor is for staff and visitor accommodations
  • Fourth and fifth and sixth floors are used for resources and storages facilities

The building also comprise of a small outdoor kitchen.

We have 13 staff comprising of teachers, cleaners, cooks, drivers and security guards.

All funds raised are used for teachers salaries, uniform, educational resources, school expenses and repairs, transport and food, school maintenance and utility bills.

We operate a 100% donation policy. All your donations go towards the School maintenance and education project and no administration charges are applied.

All projects are eligble for Sadaqah, Zakah, and Lillah

Recommended donation amount: £ per month

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How to Donate

You can donate directly to our bank account either in United Kingdom or Pakistan.

Payment can also be made via paypal.

Official bank details for Mushtaq Welfare Trust are:

United Kingdom

For International Transactions To Pakistani Banks

For Pakistan To Pakistan Banks Transactions

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